Concept of an Assignment Policy Essay

Pros of the Assignment Policy

While the narrative as to whether to give or not give assignments has been prevailing through unending debates, schools worldwide are now more than ever advocating giving homework to its students. Numerous studies have been conducted to justify the assignment policy, and some of those reasons are explained below:

Improved research skills

When studying form home, a student is enabled to learn how to research more information from other sources, including e-journal articles, magazines or newspapers. While schools may only afford students a few hours of exposure to the library, homework presents a more significant opportunity for them to dig deeper without any time restrictions.

Opportunity for more education

At home, one can consult answers from parents and older siblings who underwent the same education system and may therefore have an answer or two about a question that’s been nagging you for some time. Indeed assignments are helpful as they allow the opportunity for a student to expand their learning scope from such sources of information.

Preparation for Higher Education Learning

Do you know that in college, life is very different from elementary and high school? Well, imagine that if a lecturer only gave you 20% and you are expected to learn the 80% by yourself, would you manage? It would be disastrous for students who had never had a take-home assignment as they wouldn’t know where to start.

Futuristic skills

At the workplace, an employee is expected to have considerable reporting skills since some jobs conduct, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly reports. Ask yourself; would I outdo my skills in reporting? Well, the answer would be yes if only you carried some take-home assignments while you were in school as that helped improve your research and writing skills.

The Assignment Policy vs Homeschool Narrative 

Many parents consider homeschooling as an alternative if their children tend not to handle the burden of school assignments. Of importance to assess is the personality of the child because that is a great differentiator of whether they can survive those tedious assignments or not. Therefore it is vital for both the teacher and parent learn a students’ personality before issuing assignments to them. Note that:

  • Learners have different IQ levels
  • Some are slow learners while others are fast learners
  • Other’s don’t mind the workload because they can find help at home
  • For some, it is stressful, and they do not know who they can turn to for help

Therefore, when looking at the assignment policy, teachers should pay consideration to such elements before treating all students equally. As to whether homeschooling would be a great option that is entirely dependent on the parent and student as it also has its downfall. The most significant being lack of socializing at school with peers.


Having read the advantages of the assignment confidently ascertain that it has more good than bad towards a student’s life. Not only are we moulding a strong character by giving school policy, we can assignments, but we are also building a reliable nation that is equipped with a problem-solving generation.

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