Dissecting the No-assignment Policy essay

Aspect of the No-assignment Policy

There has been a debate as to whether assignments are good or bad for a child’s life. Many scholars and instructors have attempted to share their two-cents on the topic and make essay on stereotypes. While many would consider assignments to be of great benefit, some negative aspects cannot be ignored and are explained below:

  • Increased stress levels among students.
  • Many students have reduced interest in studying due to being overburdened.
  • Some students feel that going to class is a waste of time.
  • The relevance of education might be lost.

While the above points attribute the harm of school assignments to a child’s life, we may as well note that assignments, when given in considerable amounts, are just as beneficial.

Benefits of the No-assignment Policy

Both students and their parents have throughout the US embraced the no-homework policy. Parents felt a need for their children to break from all the school workloads at least at the weekends to enable them to engage in fun activities together. This was specifically based on a feeling that most parents felt that their children were too busy to spare some time and socialize. Parents thus feared that they would lose the connection between their children.

Improved Relations

Many parents have welcomed the idea of no homework policy during the weekends as they can now spend time with their children with them not worried about pending school homework. This has enabled students to express their true emotions to their parents, thus forming the bond stronger.

Social Integration

Much as education is an integral part of ones’ life, children must be allowed to be children. They must engage in spaces where they can be able to feel happiness. Indeed, social life is as important as education, and when the no-homework policy was formed, both parents and teachers knew its relevance to a student’s holistic life.


The peace of mind that comes from sleeping or taking a day’s rest without worrying about pending assignments is simply serene. Many students have found tranquility from the no-homework policy because they can now even catch a movie or camp with friends on the weekend without being haunted by school assignments.

Reduced work-load

Teachers can now sigh relief as they too can attest to the burden they have when students submit tons of assignments for marking. Mondays would be dreadful to any teacher as they had to work late, marking papers that they end up losing valuable time with their loved ones.

The above points note that homework is not always associated with positive results, and other options should be explored. For example, students coming from learned families have a higher success rate and are exposed to the internet.


This article explains some of the benefits associated with the no-homework policy as well as its negative effects. Therefore, it deduces that not all assignments positively impact a child’s life and teachers, therefore, need to come up with new tactics of improving how their learners retain information.

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