How to Write an Effective Essay Assignment Prompt

Parameters of an Essay Assignment

Instructors will nowadays issue a clear guideline of how they expect their students to present an essay. This guide is commonly referred to as a prompt, and it is mostly required in visual and digital essay presentations. With this necessary information about an assignment prompt, let’s highlight how to write one:

  1. First, each paragraph of your essay should begin with a new topic or idea.
  2. Second, you must explain your topic extensively.
  3. Third, you should provide examples to support your views.
  4. Fourth, it would be best if you deliberated on the example and its effect on peoples’ livelihoods.
  5. Lastly, your essay must have a concluding statement that may include a call to action.

By following the above guidelines, you can confidently write that essay assignment without worrying about a poorly written task. The majority of the teachers look into the above parameters while marking your paper. Hence, the points are a sure bet towards writing a successful essay.

Crafting an Essay Prompt

As a teacher, your students’ success is equally your success. Therefore, seeing them excel at those essay assignments is such a great joy for any teacher. When issuing prompts for an essay, there are three vital aspects that teachers should consider. They are explained below: 

Put yourself in the students’ shoe

An excellent essay prompt is one where teachers bring themselves down to the level of their learners. They would have to think like a student before creating a prompt. By doing so, an instructor can communicate the prompt effectively and in the most straightforward form that his/her student can understand. You often find that it is probably because the prompt guideline wasn’t clear or easy to grasp if a student goes out of context.

Do a demo in class

To enable your students to answer the question you are looking for from that essay assignment, it is best to give an example in class. This way, you can even provide a Q& A session where your learners can ask you questions and respond appropriately. Sometimes, teachers assume that students have understood the concept of doing something in the first instance. But on the contrary, many students require several examples to grasp what the teacher has taught.

Practise makes perfect

You bet the term ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ sounds a bell to you. Well, a great teacher provides room for his/her students to grow as they make mistakes. If the first time you gave them a prompt for their essay and ended up scoring poorly, be patient with those kids and keep giving them some more assignments. With time, they will be better at handing in perfectly-written essays.


Much as instructors are pros when it comes to essay assignments, they must take baby steps with their learners. When they come down to their level, they can issue prompts that are easy to follow. This way, you get to prepare your students for more demanding prompts that require extensive research with intense formatting guidelines. 

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