Late Submission of a PTE Essay: To Penalize or Not? 

PTE Essay Submission Rules

Teachers all over know too well that if they fail to impose penalties on students who fail to meet deadlines, they develop a relaxed culture and end up taking their studies for granted. Therefore, teachers will try to impart discipline in students by having strict rules. The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Essay is one of the most common assignments that college and university students undertake. 

Lecturers have established techniques that work best in dealing with assignment submissions for their courses. This enables them to impose regulations that students fear to abscond and thus maintain both instructor and student's sanity. I mean, who wants to play cat and mouse at the end of the semester because of missing points? You bet that’s a hectic road hence:

  • Students must ensure their assignments are submitted as per their deadline.
  • Lecturers should have a penalty score policy where a student loses 2 points each day from their paper’s due date.
  • Exceptional cases for late submissions must be justified by proof. For example, if a student was sick, they should present a medical report.

Therefore, both lectures and students must be devoted to the policies. If at a point, an instructor let’s his/her students get away with late submission, you bet the rest of the class will be adamant if the lecturer imposed a penalty on them. 

Reasons as To Why Students Submit Their Assignments Late

The question as to whether to penalize students for late submissions of their homework is still very debatable. This is because reasons for lateness may range from petty and genuine reasons. Why don’t we have a look at those weigh them?

Lack of know-how

For some, submitting an assignment late is due to a lack of knowledge to do the task. Such students would justify their case by explaining how they had to research information about how to go about the assignment that it took them so long, and they had to submit their paper late. If you assess the reason, somewhat, it sounds valid. But, then, someone else would still insist that all that could have been done yet within the stipulated timelines.

Unforeseen circumstance

You may be derailed from submitting your assignment on time for various reasons. What if you got into an accident and got an injury that caused you physical harm? Or imagine a student who lost a loved one? The amount of mental disruption among such students is so intense that it would affect their capability to submit an assignment on time. Such cases are quite often considered primarily if a student can provide proof.


Then there’s that category of scholars who ignore instructions. Such students will either hear from their colleagues about an assignment’s deadline. Upon realizing the deadline, they go into a panic mode, and before they can even start their paper, its already due date. Most instructors would not give them an ear for such students no matter how much they plea to be penalized.


The ultimate solution is to set a pace. From day one, instructors should introduce a class by mentioning the above guidelines for submitting an essay. This way, students don’t have a reason to submit their paper after its due date.

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